15 DIY Pipe Shelving Projects For That Industrial Look

DIY pipe shelving projects have skyrocketed in popularity over the recent years and if you’re wondering what’s all the fuss about, you definitely need to check out this compilation of DIY shelves. There’s no wonder people are building their own shelving solutions out of pipes and some wood.

First of all, the materials are cheap and easy to find, in fact, you probably have enough materials in your garage to complete one of these projects. Additionally, working with pipes is so easy because they’re made to be joined and turned around corners and mounted on walls etc.

If you have a few pipes and a coupe of wooden planks, you’ve got all it takes to build a super practical shelving solution. It is especially tempting if you’re into the industrial aesthetic. In any case, take a few moments to explore this new compilation showcasing 15 DIY Pipe Shelving Projects For That Industrial Look. You’re going to find a lot of amazing projects and each of them comes with a step by step tutorial so you’ll be set with everything you need. Enjoy!

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