15 Japanese Gardens That Will Blow Your Mind

In the world there are many Japanese gardens which you may visit. When you will visit them you will desire to have the same garden just in your own outdoor place. Many decorative garden elements are there to remind us of one special culture, the Japanese culture.

Japan is an original country with a special culture. Modern people live there and also their homes are paradise. They are devoted to their saints and their country. Many of the Japan saints were honored for the contributions to the church, but unfortunately many of them have lost their life for the church. Their houses are decorated in a unique style and decor. About the garden, we could put statues of their great saints, many Japanese signs and Japanese trees. The willow tree (yanagi), the Japanese apricot (ume) and many others. The Japan natural stones are a special decorative element, which are called Toishi. Stone steps are great for decor. Also, you could have a Japanese plants for food in your garden.

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