17+ Marvelous Garden Decoration Creations

The backbone of a garden is based on what is growing there, but that doesn’t mean that decorations can’t be every bit as important as the living plants! The decorations in a garden or backyard set a certain tone for the space that can either complement or contrast the plant life growing there.

A well-decorated garden can follow a specific theme, or be random and exciting! Either way, the decorations in your outdoor area play a huge role in the first impressions and initial look of your garden.

Whether you decide to craft your own decor or find the perfect pieces from a store, decorations are fun and important when designing your garden space. There are so many different options and themes out there, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to try to decide on what will work best.

To give you a good idea of what we think are awesomely creative and unique decorations, we have put together these seventeen examples, check them out on the next page and find some inspiration for your own space!

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