19 Beautiful DIY Birdhouse Designs That Can Be Made on a Shoestring Budget

If you want to care for birds and complained that you don’t have time to secure accommodation in a safe corner of your garden, spring days are the right time to correct that mistake. For this interesting DIY project it takes a some suitable material and little imagination. To build a birdhouse, you can use various remains of timber – moldings, boards and even thin logs which will form a delicate grid. The important thing is to carefully review all the elements and to make sure that they will be safe and do not have some screw that would make the bird to get hurt.

The ideal home for birds should have at least a small canopy to protect the feathered inhabitants from the rain, but it is good if beside the main hole, to provide occasional holes in the walls for extra ventilation. Even on the floor, you can drill three to four holes that will serve as drainage. There are so many new ideas for a birdhouse, and we have chosen for you several from the most interesting. Easily you can make by yourself interesting birdhouse, from materials that you have already decided to throw. As ecologists like to say: “Waste is not garbage”, so – Recycle!

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