19 Incredibly Motivational Stories That Will Inspire You

The expansion and a steady increase in the need for environmental protection have led to a completely new principle of designing furniture, and interior design. On the other hand more intense life in the city creates to all of us stronger need to frequently return to the nature. In response to these “problems” there is a growing number of interior dominated by freshly cutted tree, whether it is stripped of its bark or not. Old wooded pieces or branches are not always for throwing, because they can perfectly be used for interior fitting in every rustic style interior. Some people will simply use tree stumps, log or branch to edit the interior, or as a piece of furniture.

You can find decorations in the form of candlesticks, vases, hooks for clothes, wooden lamps and the like. The point is that there is almost nothing to throw, and everything can be used. If you love rustic style, or you want simply to add some special charm in your concremporary interior design, take a look in our collection below, and you will find many inspirational ideas. Have fun and let your imagination to lead you!

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