21 Cute Bird Houses Handmade From Wood

This is the perfect time to start decorating your garden or back yard to make it look and feel more like Spring.

And what would be the perfect natural looking decoration to match your garden with the natural looks of Spring?

Well, nature of course!

By putting bird houses in your back yard, you will attract some small and cute birds, unless you have a pet bird and move it in their new living place which you can combine with one of the 25 lovely up-cycled bird feeders to make sure those poor little creatures are never hungry.

We know not everybody would like to have a bunch of birds in his back yard, but for those who do, we have made a collection of 21 cute bird houses handmade from wood and the bird house designs featured in this collection are not really hard to craft by yourself, all you need is some spare time on your hands, a couple of pieces of wood, some simple woodworking tools, and of course some skill.

Those of you who don’t have the things on the list, you can simply order a bird house online.

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