22 Best String Succulents that Hang

Best String Succulents that Hang are becoming popular. And if you wish to grow them, find their names in this listicle.

String succulents and plants are very trendy, easy to grow, and perfect for hanging baskets and pots as a spiller. With their addition, you can be the most fashionable plant grower in your circle.

Native to South Africa, the leaves of the plant look like a series of pearls attached to a fine line of string. It is a great specimen for hanging baskets.

An easy-to-grow plant, its leaves look like they’re stacked on top of each other, intricately woven on a string-like stem! The foliage also has red rims, which gives it an attractive look.

With soft leaves that resemble the shape of a banana, it is a charming succulent that also grows beautiful tiny flowers in yellow-white color.

One of the perfect plants for a hanging basket, the succulent has charming, heart-shaped variegated leaves dangling on wire-like stems!

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