27 Enchanting Ideas for Infusing Rustic Lantern Centerpieces Into your Home Décor

1. Delightfully Unique Rustic Charm

This simple lantern is a versatile decor piece that can be used in its simple form or spruced up with added floral elements. To create a minimalist look with this lantern, it can be place in the center of a table with a single flower bud to create simple rustic charm for an understated elegant design.

To take it all the way, you can place this lantern in the middle of a stately arrangement of flowers to create a more dramatic look. Coupling the floral arrangement with elevated candles at the perimeter of the lantern creates more candlelight drama for your tablescape.

2. Elegant and Awesome Ideas for Roses with Rustic Charm

The eclectic blend of elegant white roses combined with a rustic lantern makes for a unique country wedding centerpiece. Adorning each table with these centerpieces creates a mellow vibe for your wedding reception. Combining this decorative element with flatware that has wooden handles and raffia napkins creates a design that complements the refined elements of this beautiful rustic showpiece.

The foliage of this floral design adds a refreshing touch to the centerpiece and an innocence that embodies the theme of the day. The adorning a table with place mats made of natural materials further enhances the rustic charm of this centerpiece.

3. Versatile and Unique Oversized Lanterns

These larger than life lanterns are the perfect design idea for a rustic outdoor wedding. Imagine walking down the aisle as a bride seeing these big beautiful lanterns on both sides. These lanterns embody the meaning of rustic charm.

A wedding in the outdoor elements would be a perfect setting to incorporate these rustic and country lanterns. With extra large candles in the center, these lanterns are sure to enhance the feel of the country atmosphere. Not only are these lanterns perfect to grace your wedding isle, they would also add a cute touch to any part of your reception decor.

4. Fabulously Cute Country Wedding Decor

Who knew a simple mason jar could create such an ideal decorative piece for your wedding. This type of lantern would be an awesome idea for a wedding or reception in a barn setting. These styles of weddings are becoming more and more popular with the bride and groom. Couples are choosing to steer away from more traditional themes.

A barn themed wedding could rival any traditional church wedding. These bold and stately lanterns can stand alone or be coupled with an arrangement of flowers to introduce a refined element for the overall wedding theme. With this type of decor, it is time to put on your best pair of boots and get ready for the line dance of a lifetime.

5. Country, Charming and Cool Idea

Imagine a red velvet cake with cream colored icing or a cream colored wedding bouquet filled with holly berries.These are items that embody the spirit of the Christmas season. Couples can infuse the rustic and holiday elements into their wedding by incorporating candle lanterns that have a chic and rustic design.

Combining these lanterns with Christmas evergreens and white candles, you’re able to create a Christmas themed wedding that is sure to please your family and friends. Adding a few extra Christmas decorations to your centrepiece will make the look even more reflective of the season. Combining your wedding with the Christmas season is a cool way to create warm and lasting memories for the holiday season.

6. Charming and Unique Lanterns Filled with Memories

What better way to incorporate the essence of a wedding then by using pictures of your parents and grandparents as a focal point. This rustic wedding centerpiece will please your guests and allow you to display the memories of those that came before you. Using a lantern to illuminate the pictures is a way to make these nostalgic centerpieces a focal point for your wedding decor. The pictures of grandma in her wedding dress or your mother posing with your father during their wedding photos will ignite sentimental memories reminiscent of the days of the past. This rustic lantern can be used as a single decorative piece or adorned with flowers and candles to add more interest.

7. Lovely and Great Way to Introduce Elegant Simplicity

This elegant yet simple lantern gives a sense of interest and a muted pop of color that can be used to adorn your reception tables. This design is one of the best rustic lantern centerpieces because you’re able to dress it up or keep it simple. For a simple and elegant look, this lantern can be placed in the center of a table with a large white candle in the center and a beautiful peony flower bud to add interest to this look.

For a more over-the-top design, you could grace the base of the lantern with a combination of hydrangeas and roses. Additional candles can be added for more lighting. If hydrangeas or roses are not in the budget, an arrangement of baby’s breath would do the job.

8. Wonderful Way to Incorporate Home Decoration Ideas into Your Life

This decorative lantern can be used as a design piece for your home or as a way to incorporate a modern look into a rustic theme. The intricate carvings of this lantern creates a visual interest while allowing the light to shine through. It can be a beautiful wedding table centerpiece that can be adorned with roses and calla lilies or a colorful orchid to add a pop of color. Infusing this design with lush greenery can introduce the elements of rustic and country charm. This unique design element is sure to catch the attention of your family and loved ones.

9. Unique Ways to Symbolize Your Union

This lantern is indicative of a couple coming together to unite in holy matrimony. Instead of using a bird cage with two love birds, this is an environmentally friendly way to enhance the feelings of love for the special day. This lantern can be used as a centerpiece for a table setting. It could be a cute accent piece to a tablescape for a rectangular shaped table.

This is among the best rustic lantern centerpieces because it can be placed at the foot of the sweetheart table for the bride and groom. In doing so, it could signify their new union as husband and wife. There are a variety of ways to use this uniquely designed lantern to incorporate a rustic and charming feel for your wedding day.

10. Creative Ways to Combine Natural Elements with Rustic Charm

The best rustic lantern centerpieces combine multiple design elements. Using eucalyptus leaves and candles is an ingenious way to incorporate the greenery of nature with candlelight romance. The wooden features of this candle lantern provides rustic beauty that creates interest for your guests.

This table lantern is so stately that it can be used alone or combined with additional flowers to create a centerpiece design worthy of such a special day. By adding more eucalyptus leaves and incorporating beautiful white roses, you can create a romantic and beautiful centerpiece that is sure to invoke memories for years to come.

11. Country Rustic and Unique Design ideas with Rugged Elements

This lantern is reminiscent of a log cabin in the woods with a romantic fireplace lit for warmth. These lanterns are excellent for a cabin wedding. Using one candle lantern can create a simple, elegant and rugged design for a centerpiece. Using multiple lanterns as a centerpiece will reinforce the rustic charm of these lanterns. Adding additional greenery or flowers can introduce elements of nature and romance. Flower petals at the base of this beautiful and rugged candle lantern can also infuse romantic elements with this rustic look. These Charming candle lanterns would also be an excellent accent piece when used as a sconce to create a different design element.

12. Thoughtfully Great Ways to Use Tea Candle Lanterns

Tea candles are a delicate and delightful way to add ambient lighting to a wedding centerpiece. These tiny candles can be used to accent other larger candles or can be placed in floating water to create a design feature filled with elegance and class. Lanterns that have tea candle bases are the best rustic lantern centerpieces. The flexibility of this lantern design gives you a variety of options when decorating for your wedding. These design elements can be arranged at different heights or accented with candles in different sizes. Adding floral buds to the design can create an elegant and rustic centerpiece that is sure to please everyone.

13. Romantic and Awesome Ideas for Blissfully Rustic Charm

This romantically rustic lantern design combines elegant innocence with romantic lighting. The wood elements of this lantern creates a rustic charm that is perfect for any centerpiece. Adorning this rustic lantern with pale pink roses and baby’s breath symbolizes the everlasting love that every couple wants to emulate on their special day. The pureness of the baby’s breath and the elegant pale pink roses is sure to create an eclectic blend with the rustic element of this wooden candle lantern. This centerpiece can be placed as a centerpiece on the tables or used to accent a gift table or buffet line.

14. Peaceful and Great Way to Infuse Lavender for Lasting Love

This rustic lantern combines metal materials with floral class to make an extremely unique design. The lavender roses coupled with the herb lavender is an excellent way to ignite your olfactory senses. Incorporating eucalyptus greenery into this design is a wonderful way to combine rustic charm with the natural elements of nature.

Placing this design piece in the center of any table is sure to be a conversation piece. It is uniquely designed and elegant enough to stand on its own. If you’re looking to infuse other elements into this design piece, you could consider adding votive candles to the perimeter of this centerpiece.

15. Unique Way to Implement Macrame Design

This macrame candle lantern pays homage to the good old days. While some feel this may be an outdated design element for a wedding, many are daring to incorporate this as a focal point for their wedding decor. From backdrops to floral accents, a macrame design has definitely found its place in wedding decor.

Lining the exterior of a candle hurricane with macrame material and lighting it creates a beautiful illusion. Using this design as a centerpiece is a uniquely different way to incorporate your own personal style for your wedding. Some may think this design element breaks all the rules for wedding etiquette 101. When it comes to weddings, there are no rules.

16. Elegant Home Decoration Succulents

This natural and rustic lantern infuses lush greenery and romantic candles. Using succulents as a way to incorporate Mother Nature into your special day, is a wonderful way to pay respect to the environment while throwing the wedding of a lifetime.

Not only are succulents excellent for wedding centerpieces, they can be given as gifts to your guests or used as name tag holders for your seating arrangements. They can be grouped together to create an eye-catching look for any tablescape design or as an accent piece. Combining natural greenery, rustic woods and romantic candles creates a passionate design for your centerpieces.

17. Sassy and Cute Southern Charm for a Wedding

This thoughtful and charming lantern combines rustic wooden elements with a refined floral design. The raffia accent pieces enhance the rustic charm of this centerpiece.

The floral design elements add a feminine and dainty touch to this ruggedly rustic candle lantern. You can place this lantern in the center of the table just the way it is or you can create an eye-catching design by adding a variation of floral buds consisting of different shades of pink with ivory rose buds and an abundance of white baby’s breath. This combination of florals will ignite the romantic feelings of all of your guests.

18. Delightful and Cute Illumination of Innocent Charm

This metal picture lantern is an excellent way to combine the romance of your wedding day with a blended family. If you’ve been down this road before, your life has taken some twists and turns to lead you to this moment when families combine to make one beautiful family unit. What better way to signify the union of a blended family then by incorporating the photographs of special moments with the children.

Placing these beautiful lanterns as centerpieces for each table, is an excellent way to signify the union of your blended family. Illuminating these pictures from the inside out would only enhance the elegance of the special moments.

19. Awesome Idea for Rustic Romance with Metal Elements

The metal elements of this lantern makes it one of the best rustic lantern centerpieces because of the eclectic blend of nature and metal. This bold and stately lantern creates a rustic feel that is appropriate for a simple outdoor wedding. Adorning this stately lantern with dried flowers and herbs creates a romantic aspect for this overall design. Some herbs have a significant meaning that can be quite appropriate for a wedding.

Dogwood represents love undiminished by adversity and love that endures, while dandelions represent faithfulness and happiness. With these types of sentiments, incorporating dried herbs into a wedding centerpiece not only creates an elegant design but is a symbolic statement of enduring love.

20. Cool Way to Incorporate Rustic Chic Into Your Wedding

The eclectic blend of metal and wood creates a rustic and chic lantern that is appropriate for any wedding decor. This uniquely designed lantern combines different decorative elements to create an interesting appeal. Not only can this it be used as a centerpiece, it can be used to adorn a wedding buffet, a dessert table or the open bar that is appropriately placed by the exit door. Because of the special elements of this design, this lantern can stand on its own or can be embellished with a lush floral arrangement to combine elegant romance with a rustic chic lantern.

21. Perfect Way to Incorporate Lanterns in Wedding Decor

Lanterns are not only used for candles, they can also be used to showcase other design elements. When it comes to weddings, there are some trends that many couples like to follow. Others, however, wish to blaze their own trail by implementing different designs that symbolize their own personal style for their wedding decor.

Since lanterns are not just for candles, couples can opt to place beautiful floral arrangements, photographs and other wedding design pieces within a lantern. Combining a refined lantern filled with elegant flowers with the rustic charm of reclaimed wood is an excellent way to incorporate your own personal style for your special day.

22. Wonderful Way to Go From Home Decorations to Wedding Decor

This rustic candle lantern is a beautiful piece that can be showcased in your home. Because of the flexibility of this lantern, you can also incorporate it into your wedding decor. A simple change in accent pieces can turn a normal home decoration piece into an elegant and beautiful wedding centerpiece.

By replacing the balls with lush florals, you can create a centerpiece befitting an elegant wedding theme. Incorporating candles of different heights is also an excellent way to add interest for a wedding centerpiece. Because of the shape of this design element, it may pair better with a rectangle shaped table.

23. Charming Idea That is Perfect for a Wedding

The wood and metal combination of this lantern makes it an ideal decorative piece for an evening outdoor wedding. This piece is bold enough to stand on its own and elegant enough to reflect just the right amount of light. If you’re looking for a more romantic centerpiece, you can embellish this lantern with floral buds such as roses, peonies or calla lilies that set the tone for an elegant reception. Not only can this lantern be used as a centerpiece, it is an excellent way to incorporate rustic romance into a buffet or an open bar. No matter how you use this lantern, it is sure to turn heads at your wedding.

24. Beautifully Rustic Home Decoration for The Wedding Aisle

The rustic charm of this pair of lanterns can be incorporated in the wedding ceremony or the reception that follows. These bold and stately lanterns would make quite the statement when placed on either side of the wedding aisle. Combining these lanterns with over the top floral arrangements and oversized candles is an excellent way to adorn your wedding aisle as the bride walks in. These lanterns can also be used as centerpieces for your wedding tables. Introducing candles of different heights and flowers of different shade can create a rustic and elegant design for any wedding centerpiece.

25. Memorable and Awesome Idea

These antique lanterns are an excellent way to incorporate the old and borrowed for this traditional wedding saying. Incorporating these lanterns can symbolize good luck that many couples long for when beginning their journey. Since these are antique pieces, it is highly unlikely you would be able to place these beautiful antiques at every table for a centerpiece.

If you’re fortunate enough to have an array of antique pieces, those items can be incorporated as centerpieces for each table. If there is only one set of these lanterns, they can be used as a centerpiece to adorn the sweetheart table for the loving couple. Embellishing these antique pieces with candles and flowers can create a rustic antique look with a refined elegant finish.


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