30 Amazing Tree Stump Planter Ideas For Your Garden

One of the fastest ways to create an eyesore in your yard is to cut down a tree. While no one really wants to cut down trees, it’s sometimes a necessity.

You’re then left with a tree stump that can be expensive to remove. An alternative to paying for tree stump removal is to create a planter.

If this idea appeals to you, check out the tree stump planter ideas other people have created. You may find something that works in your garden.

You’ll discover that you can use tree stumps and logs to plant things you may not have thought were possible.

For the best results, follow the same rules for plants and shrubs that are suggested for planting in any garden. Some plants do best in full sun, while others thrive in shady areas.

Every plant still needs the proper soil, root system, fertilizer, and a source of water.

To make a proper stump planter, your stump should be at least 16 inches tall and 10 inches wide. You’ll have to hollow out the middle.

Depending on the type of plants you’d like to use, drilling to add drainage holes may be necessary.

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