7 Landscape with Spilled Pot Ideas

The colorful landscape display will certainly fascinate everyone. Even with small landscaping details that are in the corner of the room, you can design using the best spill pots and help the design to be attractive. Because the garden is the most important area and has definite benefits for housing, you can see some ideas in the following review:

Half spilled pot with twin pots

You can sample this idea and apply it in a limited area. Unspoiled landscaping will be perfect with the half spilled pot model and the presence of twin pots. Provide boundaries to provide beautiful and attractive visuals.

Fancy spill pot

The following ideas will be interested in the small garden of the house, spilled pots that look fancy  have been chosen by colorful ornamental flowers and blend with the surrounding natural stone elements.

Spilled pot and butterfly desing

With an interesting landscaping idea, this time the spilled pot combines interesting elements such as butterfly pattern filled with natural rocks. This types of shrub flower plant will perfect complement the landscape.

Flowing spill pot

Next up is the idea of a spilled pot that is made to look like a river flowing. But this time the flow is natural rock with  little pattern in the middle, which is beautiful. You can use the same pot model but distinguish the colors of the existing natural rocks.

Spilled pot with tree pattern

Perfect landscaping ideas at home with the shape of a spilled pot that forms like a tree. And this idea will be interesting with the addition of the dominant tradescantia plant.

The pot spills like a waterfall

The last ideas a landscape with a waterfall spilling a pot that brings a fresh atmosphere and seems like ain the waters of a river. The choice of plants is colorful succulents combined with bush grass.



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