8 Best Graptosedum Varieties | Types of Graptosedum Succulents

Check out the Best Graptosedum Varieties that you can add to your sucuclent collection! They stand out with their colors!

These Best Graptosedum Varieties will add plenty of appeal to your home and gardens. Their compact size also makes them a great tabletop addition!

‘Blue Giant’ is an intergeneric hybrid from the cross between ‘Sedum treleasei’ and ‘Graptopetalum amethystinum’ with a stunning blue tone.

It produces long thick stems that sprawl and bend. When exposed to bright sun, it gives a peach blush at the leaf tips.

Also known as Graptosedum Peach Blossom, it is a cross between ‘Graptopetalum paraguayense’ and ‘Sedum adolphii’.

It displays a stemmed rosette with a pastel green center and peach pink leaf tips. The pink hue becomes more intense under the stress of the bright sun and infrequent watering.

This beautiful cultivar is an interspecific hybrid between Mexican species—’Sedum pachyphyllum’ and ‘Graptopetalum paraguayense’.

It features a pink hue and a leaf shape of sedums. The plant blooms profusely and offers yellow flowers.

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