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A Polite Elephant Crosses Multiple Farms On Her Voyage Without Damaging A Single Fence

Incredible snapshots have been taken of the moment when Nellie, the elephant, skillfully manages to step over a barbed wire fence that a farmer built in Africa.

The four-ton animal chose to roam Africa by carefully hopping over fences instead of trampling everything in its wake. It elegantly lifts its front right leg over the wire, careful not to touch it, then its left leg before repeating the process with its hind legs. After one final push, it’s free and ready to hunt for food.

The photos show that Nellie respects her surroundings and does not want to be blamed for any damage. Elephants are known for their intelligence and their ability to solve problems – Nellie’s antics confirm how true that is.

Clever fella: The elephant skillfully steps over the farmer’s barbed wire fence, choosing not to trample all over it

Easy does it: His front right leg goes over first while keeping upright
The pictures were published on Facebook by Indri Ultimate Wildlife Tours from Cape Town, South Africa. It says: “Our feeling when looking at these photos is a feeling of complete respect.”

They won’t come as a surprise to scientists who have studied elephant brains, especially when faced with danger—their ability to remember means that elephants can dodge not only fences but droughts as well.

The theory is that older females memorize previous severe droughts and how the elephants of that time survived them.

This means they know where to find distant food and water sources, which gives them a better chance of survival as climate change poses a real threat to their natural habitats.

Acrobatic: The elephant makes the whole process look easy despite his size and having four legs

Nearly there: Nellie proves she’s no Dumbo and is now close to escaping

Strolls away: The elephant successfully negotiates the fence and free is to roam
But Nellie isn’t the only elephant dodging obstacles across Africa.

A second elephant was also filmed when he had to skilfully avoid an electric fence in Mpumalanga near the Kruger National Park.

This time the cheeky little elephant steps over the fence grab a branch. It is a famous marula fruit tree in a house’s garden.

The elephant is interested in avoiding past experiences such as entanglement or an electric shock from a nasty fence.

After the snack, the young male carefully lifts both legs back over the fence – although there is no electricity flowing through the electric fence.

Strong memory: This young elephant skillfully avoids the electric fence – he’s clearly had a shocking experience before

Best foot forward: He’s determined to reach his favorite marula fruit tree and nothing will stand in his way

One step at a time: The elephant breaches the fence and enjoys his lunch reaching out for a branch in the back garden of a house
Magdel van den Berg, the journalist who filmed the baby elephant, said: “It was pretty strange to see the elephant doing it, but it’s marula fruit season, and elephants love it. He indeed remembered the fence; he’s a regular visitor to the area. It was interesting to see an animal think about the obstacles and plan them. The property owner has reported walking to the front door, uphill, and over other fences. He’s a pretty busy little boy.’