A total of 22 ideas for “small waterfalls in modern style” to add a relaxing corner make it more interesting

Anyone who is looking for ideas to decorate a beautiful relaxing corner in the garden, today admin has gathered ideas for “small waterfalls”. Modern style” which will complement the relaxation area in the garden to look more perfect. Helps to be refreshed from the steam from the waterfall. Greatly reduces the nominal heat from the summer weather in Thailand. Change the stuffy atmosphere in the house to sit in the wind and listen to the sound of running water that makes you feel more relaxed.

Source: pinterest

A curtain of water falls from the wall. in the garden beside the house

The waterfall simulates the atmosphere like in a tropical forest.

Build a waterfall basin in the shape of a small square box. enhances the atmosphere

Build more bare concrete structures on the walls. Make a curtain of water to fall into a small pond.

Waterfall in the middle of a beautiful purple flower garden

Waterfall by the wall Multi-layered, looks amazing

Small waterfall curtain basin, easy to manage

Waterfall curtains overlapping levels

waterfall on rock garden

concrete waterfall pond

waterfall in concrete pond Plant fresh flowers to enhance the atmosphere.

beautiful waterfall curtain

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