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Animal Shelter Teams up With Elderly Care Facility to Save Both Orphaned Kittens And Elders

As years go by and we’re getting older, there are so many issues to struggle with. And maybe the hardest one is memory loss. The senior residents at the Catalina Springs Memory Care Center in Oro Valley, Arizona are dealing with many types of amnesia.

So, in order to help them, the Center’s health service director, Rebecca Hamilton came up with a brilliant idea. The program is called “Bottle Babies”.The elders were asked to spend time with foster kittens.

This incredible program proved to be a real success, as the overall condition of both the kittens and the elderly has improved. The joy that the elderly get from bottle feeding, socializing, and cuddling needy newborns is immense – and the kittens feel grateful too.

At first, this program was considered unsuitable as elders are the ones who need care themselves, let alone taking care of newborn animals. “But there are skills, emotions, and needs that do not just leave a person with Dementia or Alzheimer’s,…”

“The desire to give love and receive love remains”

The project was an unexpectedly huge success, as both sides were progressing better, mentally and physically.

The most unbelievable part of the initiative was that some of the seniors started to regain memories, after spending time with the cats. “Many memories have started to resurface just by the act of caring for these babies,” Rebecca also said. “People began to bring up long-forgotten memories of a cat or a dog they had as a child. When you put a kitten into someone hands their faces just light up!”

A simple, even peculiar idea turned out to bring tremendous joy and meaning to every participant!

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