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Cat Returned to Shelter Five Times For Being Too “Demanding” Finally Finds True Love

Meet James Bean!

Before he found true love, he was branded a moody kitten. It’s hard to believe he was sent five times for being so demanding!

“He was sent to the shelter five times for being ‘too demanding,’” explained reddit user ncarbell.

“I adopted him from San Francisco Animal Control. Two years later, he’s the cutest cat I’ve ever had.”

On his first day home, as you can imagine, after being sent back five times, he wasn’t sure how long he would stay.

“He was very conflicted about coming to a new place.”

After a good snooping of his new surroundings, he found a very comfortable bed and laundry basket perfect to snuggle in.

He finally found a place to call home. He really is a lovable kitty who needs a belly rub and a lot of attention.

“He found nothing more satisfying than hiding in a box or a basket,” his man said. “He really likes it.”

He is a very loving kitten. “He likes to stare at me meaningfully while I work.”

Two years after adoption, it became his favorite place to sleep. Hold on tight to his human mom!

Remember, if you want to adopt a kitten, don’t shop, adopt!

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