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Elephant Rescues Calf From Water Trough As Lions Prowl With Intent Nearby.

This is a heartwarming moment when a mother elephant takes action to rescue her helpless young after getting stuck upside down in the gutter as lions are lurking nearby.

An anxious mother fumbled with her cubs in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, as its feet fluttered in the air while hungry lions began to hover over the couple.

As the mother elephant became more and more desperate, a herd of elephants came to give a helping trunk.

Panic: The anxious mother fretted over her offspring (pictured) in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, as his legs flailed in the air while hungry lions began circling the pair
In the staggering scene, the family flattened their ears and threatened to crash into lions – keeping the big cats behind as they took care of the little ones.

The herd’s matriarchy wraps her torso around the child’s foreleg to lift it off her back and place it back on her feet.

The boy was finally freed and reunited with his relieved mother.

On the prowl: At least three lions (pictured) started closing in on the struggling infant

Danger: As the mother became desperate, a herd of elephants arrived to give a helping trunk

Mothers spent a few minutes relaxing to cool off and relieve stress after the challenge.

She threw mud on her body and her baby in a nearby mud hole before they raced through – and the lions were hungry.

Up you get: The matriarch of the herd (pictured) wrapped her trunk around the baby’s front leg in order to lift him off his back and set him back on his feet

Relief: The mother spent a few minutes cooling off and de-stressing after the ordeal. She hurled mud over herself and her infant before they trotted away – and the lions went hungry
The video has had thousands of views online since it was shared.

One YouTube viewer said: ‘I like the way these animals stick together. It’s beautiful. A lot of love for those of the same species. ”

Another added: ‘This shows how animals help each other survive … And gives us a message to help each other when others are in trouble, instead of ignoring them.”

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