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Female Motorcyclist Jumps Off To Save Tiny Kitten

On a GoPro video, an anxious voice can be heard saying, “Jesus Christ, come on,” over footage of an intersection with a red light.

Unexpectedly: A gasp and “Dear God! Stop! Stop!”

A hand comes into the frame, waving frantically at oncoming traffic.

The biker behind the camera leaps off her motorcycle and lunges toward rushing vehicles.

She zeroes in on an orange speck in the road. Coming closer, it’s revealed as a tiny orange kitten.

The woman goes to the side of the road, picks up the scared cat, and hands it to a nearby caring woman.

“I don’t know who she belongs to!” the worried bystander yells, as the biker sprints back into the intersection to get the bike she abandoned there.

She looks back toward the median and exclaims, “Oh my goodness,” as the tiny orange cat trembles and meows shrilly.

The rider tells the onlooker, “You can simply put her in my helmet for the time being.”

The passerby says, “If you don’t take her, I’ll take her to work.”

But it’s very obvious the motorcycle rider has already fallen head over heels with the little orange bundle she initially thought was a leaf. No, the biker replies, “I’m taking her.” She reassures the little kitten, “You’re OK now, sweetheart

Watch the full video of the heart-pumping rescue below: