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Funny video of ’embarrassed’ baby elephant fails to walk through a thorn bush

When a baby elephant follows his much larger mother into a thorn bush, he gets himself into a sticky situation.

At the Sambi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa, a lovely moment was caught on film and uploaded to Safari Live’s YouTube channel.

The cameraman’s laughter can be heard as the brave baby boldly follows its mother into the bush.

But then he suddenly comprehends that he is a bit too little to pass through so simply.

The baby nearly falls over when he puts his front leg high in the air and is hesitant to lower it.

The calf makes it through most of the bush when he sees a giggling tourist filming. He collapses into the bushes, keeping one eye on his audience.

The cameraman and others remark on how embarrassed he appears now.

Finally, the young calf leaps over all of the branches and rushes over to join his mother with a joyful gait.

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