Get ready to level up your nail game with these 15 stunning acrylic nail designs that will have you feeling fierce and fabulous!

It can be said that Acrylic nail is one of the most popular nail arts today. When going to a salon, many people are impressed by its look and choose this style to makeover their nails. Like other types of nails, Acrylic nails can be made into various styles and shapes. However, it has a faster completion time than the other ones. Not everyone has the patience to sit down and decorate their nails every morning (or evening) and get them done perfectly for the next day. Therefore, flexibility and saving time are two big reasons for the question of why so many people choose Acrylic nails.

So what are Acrylic nails? They are artificial nails, created by using a polymer (powder) and a monomer (liquid). When combined together, they harden to create plastic. Therefore, it could be attached directly to the nail without using nail lamps. Once applied, Acrylic nails will dry quickly, then people can easily make nail polish. Using artificial nails does not damage your natural nails. Thus, there’s nothing to worry about when deciding to choose this kind of nail art.

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