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Kittens With Torticollis Are Adopted And Kept By Cats

Haley Waugh is a volunteer leader at Sacramento, California’s Front Street Animals shelter (United States). She got a little tabby cat with a tilted head and difficulties with one of her pupils as a gift. When Haley returned home, she was taken aback by her pets’ reactions.

Despite her condition, the kitten was striving to maintain her balance and accomplish things on her own. Ella Haley sought to provide her with a secure haven at home.

Haley stated:

“I named it Tortellini after the torticollis syndrome, which creates a tilt.”

Tortellini arrived very underweight, but the love of her new foster family and the care in her diet helped the little girl get ahead. The adorable kitten bowed her head every time her foster mother entered her room; she felt safe and just wanted to play and be cuddled.

The kitten recovered from her ear infection and began to perform extremely well in just a few weeks thanks to care and medicine. She was scurrying about the room with bated breath, eager to meet the other cats.

Haley explains:

“The infection treatment had no effect on his head tilt.” The vet believes he’ll have her for the rest of his life. He doesn’t stop her from being a lively and joyful kitty ».

When Tortellini first encountered the house cats, Waylon and Ruben, he quickly tried to gain their favor. She brushed her nose gently on her new siblings’ fur, and the two cats greeted her warmly.

Waylon and Ruben took turns looking after their new baby sister, even keeping her company. As a result, the kitty was never alone and always had someone to cuddle with.

According to his mother:

“She’ll probably spend the rest of her life bent over, but other from tumbling in circles and occasionally becoming dumber, she’s a typical cat.”

When the kitten had healed and was ready to be adopted, Haley found that her cats had already made up their minds, and Tortellini had become a member of the family. They were inseparably linked and did everything together.

Haley continued, ”

“I’ve wanted to adopt Tortellini for a long time, but I needed to find the right adopter first. When no one inquired about her, I assumed it was her fate and that she would remain in her current location. My cats like her even more than I do, and I can’t wait to add her to my kitty family.”

Haley says that the mischievous kitten has adapted to her new role perfectly and spends her time with her brothers, she even always wants to be the first in everything despite the fact that her brothers are much older. They adore her and let her do what she wants with her.

Tortellini has without a doubt found the right home, and her brothers Ruben and Waylon spoil and protect her on a daily basis.

You can learn a little more about Tortellini and his brothers on their Instagram account and enjoy their adventures.