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Meet Richie, The Maine Coon Cat Gone Viral On Social Media

Cats – there is a lot of content of them on the internet, but never too much. And the ones with peculiar looks have even higher chances of going viral. Take, for example, Richie, a black smoke Maine coon who has almost 100K followers on Instagram.

Richie is truly exceptional as he seems to be wearing an extra fur coat over his own – people online have called him a lemur or a yeti cat. The charming feline was born in November of 2020 and didn’t take long to gain popularity due to his owner sharing photos and videos on social media. In the images below, you can see the majestic creature that is Richie.

Meet Richie, a black smoke Maine coon cat. The kitten was born in 2020 and had a way more tamed hairdo.

When asked about how Richie became a part of her family, the owner told us: “Before Richie, we had two alley cats for 20 years that gave us a lot of love. We took our time before greeting a new one. We found a local french breeder known for Maine coons. We book a cat and we had to choose the color at birth and we chose a black smoke without even knowing Richie would become exceptional. The breeder spotted immediately at birth that Richie would be very hairy. Then we had to wait for four months to welcome Richie into our home, so he could grow quietly, surrounded by his mother and brothers and sisters.”

Here’s Richie with his owner. The Maine coon breed grows up to be pretty big, muscular, and broad-chested.

As for his personality, Richie is a sociable and curious cat who loves to play with other cats: “He enjoys company and tends to follow us around the house. Richie is therefore a real cat-dog, which is a special feature of Maine coons. We like to call him the sous-chef because when we are cooking, he sits next to the spices and observes our every move.”

Like most cats, Richie enjoys dramatically looking through windows…

…And just laying down pretty much everywhere.

Image credits: richie_the_mainecoon_

“My parents will soon discover my real self… I am a lion,” says a caption on the viral cat’s Instagram.

With a huge Instagram following, Richie is slowly becoming a true cat influencer: “We work with a few brands that Richie has tested and liked. It’s always a pleasure to introduce our followers to new toys and other cat accessories. We are careful to propose stuff that Richie loved.”

Richie didn’t find it hard to pull off a “vampire cat” look for Halloween. Image credits: richie_the_mainecoon_

“Richie is a high-maintenance cat as every Maine coon,” says his owner. “Their health is delicate and they have to be heard and understood when they need something or if they feel pain. For example, a simple cold should be checked immediately. Richie has a daily morning routine that consists in brushing him completely to avoid knots that will form easily in his fur. Once a week, we take care of his eyes, nose, claws, and ears.”

Maine coons are loved not only for their extravagant looks, but also intelligence and devotion to their human family.

Looking at these pictures and videos, we want a pet just like Richie. How about you?

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