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Orphaned Stray Puppy Works As A Postmaster For The Day

Priority the stray dog was just 7 weeks old when he was discovered by a postal worker. On a reservation in South Dakota, the heeler mix was lying by himself in the center of a gravel road. The puppy didn’t have much time because of the extreme heat and the absence of any family, food, or water, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Prior to pulling up next to him and picking him up, the mail carrier wasn’t able to identify the minor bump on the road.

She put the puppy in one of her priority boxes, which eventually gave him his moniker, and drove him in the mail truck beside her.

Director of Ruff Start Rescue Azure Davis told The Dodo that “He demonstrated his gratitude by helping her finish delivering the mail.” Priority was taken to the veterinarian by the postal worker after they concluded their mail route.

Priority was, fortunately, free of any illnesses or injuries, but he was very dehydrated. Due to the heatwave, they think the friendly mail carrier discovered Priority just in time.
If she hadn’t stopped to pick him up, “he definitely wouldn’t have made it,” Davis said.

When Priority was well enough to leave the vet, a nearby shelter got in touch with Ruff Start Rescue to ask if they might take in the adorable dog.
Early in August, Ruff Start gladly accepted Priority and opened its doors to them. Less than three days later, he received his initial adoption application.

Davis was not at all surprised. She remarked, “I mean, look how adorable he is.

Priority has an endearingly distinctive attribute to complement his adorable backstory: his big, pointed ears.

Davis remarked, “His ears are split.” They are unable to determine whether to remain up or to descend.

However, Priority’s personality is the only feature that is bigger than his ears. His current foster mother told The Dodo that “he’s a lot bigger dog in a small body.”

Priority has developed considerably in the few weeks after being rescued, says his foster mother, who is caring for him while he waits to meet his forever home.

He’s a very outgoing and self-assured pup, according to his foster mother. “And very appreciative to the mailman who saved him.”