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Reporter Can’t Stop Laughing After Cat Interrupts News Segment To Demand His Attention

A cat arrived at the feet of TV Paraiba reporter Artur Lira while he was recording a news story outside a police station in Brazil. His session was interrupted by a cat that demanded his and the camera’s attention.

When Lira attempted to begin the work, he became disoriented and felt an animal brush up against his legs. When he looked down, he noticed a black-and-white cat pleadingly gazing up at him. The unexpected interruption made Lira laugh out loud.

Lira, on the other hand, was one step ahead of them when she stepped behind a vehicle to resume shooting. Lira said, “The cat went inside one of the trucks and stood in front of me.” “That’s when I couldn’t take it any longer and burst out laughing.”

“You can’t be furious with him since he’s so cute,” Lira wrote. “I believe this cat aspired to fame.”

Lira chose to share this adorable tale with the rest of the world, and it has gone viral. Here’s the link to the charming video:


The cat is a stray, according to Globo News, who is fed and attended over by police at the station. Lira was told that the bargain was sealed and that the kitty had already picked him. As a result, Lira is considering adopting the cat himself. However, the plan was not as simple as some would have hoped.

He said, “People are begging me to adopt the cat.” “I’d want to adopt him, but I’m trying to work out an arrangement with my mother.”

Despite that, the cat found a more permanent home with a relative of Lira’s, ensuring that he’d still get to visit the cat. “Now our dellegatto has a home to receive even more love and affection. My Aunt lives near my house, so I will always visit him.”

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