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Rescued roaring elephant sounds like a dinosaur revving a motorbike

The sound of a rescued elephant resembles that of a motorbike revving and a dinosaur bellowing as his caregivers treat his arthritis.

Phuki is an Asian elephant who was rescued from Thailand’s logging industry and now lives at a sanctuary in Chiang Rai.

His new caretakers were attempting to soothe him down while administering his daily leg treatments, which helped to reduce his discomfort.

Phuki is also, in musth, a recurring condition in male elephants characterized by highly aggressive behavior as a result of an enormous increase in reproductive hormones.

Because of this, he is highly irritated during his treatments, as can be seen from his roar.

When an elephant is attempting to remain calm, it tucks its trunk between its upper and lower lips. When Phuki’s handler tries to soothe him by stroking his upper palate, he appears to be doing the same thing.

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