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Soldier Comes Home To Cat Who Can’t Wait To Be Reunited With Dad

TA’s long-awaited but worthy reunion of Soldier and Ragdoll brought many people to tears for their heartwarming moments. No wonder it has been going viral from 2014 until now, with nearly 32 million views on Youtube.

So, what makes this video go viral?

Most of us think that only dogs can greet their beloved humans in exciting and hyperactive ways. We believe that there are far fewer cats than that. However, there was a fluffy ragdoll named Finners who forged a path to conquer many souls, especially his human parents.

After a long absence, Nick, who happens to be a soldier, returns home. In the video, he was wearing a military uniform and was carrying some items from the expedition. The cat Finners was meowing loudly as Nick walked towards the door, as if he knew who was coming. Scientifically, cats are best at distinguishing the scent of each person or animal.

When homecoming soldier Nick slammed the door open, Finners meowed several times incessantly to “sure” it was his human father. Then, the cat suddenly jumped into his arms without hesitation. This is too cute to handle!

“What’s going on buddy? It’s me.” – Nick started to scratch Finners’s neck.

If you listen closely to the video, you will hear the Finners cat purring happily. The cat looked forward to seeing his dad every day and his wish came true.

Nick’s girlfriend (now his wife) recorded the viral video, sharing the cat with the world with no indifference. In other words, cats are absolutely as affectionate as dogs, if not more.

At the end of the video, Nick’s wife also records another kitten, who doesn’t seem to be surprised by his dad’s arrival, which makes the video even more interesting. He was like, “Oh, you’re home, great.” According to an update from Nick’s wife, we learned that the blue-spotted Siamese is both deaf and blind.

“Boo, Blue Dot Siam, 17, blind and deaf, amazing. She’s our Helen Keller kitten, irreplaceable! Finners Ragdoll is 8.5 years old, our best mate! Pudding, our The Siberian Forest cat is almost 2 years old. They are almost all cats and dogs.” – This lady updates on Youtube.

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