The 10 Rarest Flowers In The World

When I saw the monkey orchid in the Singapore orchid gardens I was completely amazed, because believe me, it really did look like a monkey. I was so inspired after seeing it that I thought I’d do some research on rare and exotic flowers. If you are a nature enthusiast, you will really enjoy this collection of flowers that includes orchids, tulips, etc. Let’s take a look! 1. Monkey Face Orchid (Dracula saulii)

The saulii orchid has been discovered in Peru by Saúl Ruiz. It is snow white on the inside and pinkish-brown on the outside. Its petals and its central part are similar to the face of a monkey. It grows mainly in cold climates.

2. Hooker’s lips (Psychotria elata)

The bright red color of this flower attracts pollinators such as hummingbirds. It is usually found in the tropical forests of Central and South America. The flower resembles a pair of lips in its budding stage before fully blooming.

3. Naked Man Orchid (Orchis italica)

The itálica orchid is a medium-sized plant that can reach up to 60 cm in height. It is a magical flower that together with the orchis anthropophora provides flowers in the shape of a man.

4. Helado de tulipán (Tulipán «ice cream» (helado))

Esta flor definitivamente hace honor a su nombre y se ve exactamente como un cono de helado. Los pétalos blancos se encuentran montados estrechamente uno contra el otro y forman un cono central. Su atractivo visual lo convierte en una bonita pieza central para cualquier jardín.

5. Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis)

This is the most common orchid variety due to its ease of propagation and its ability to remain in bloom throughout the year. It is found in Southeast Asia, southern China, New Guinea, Queensland, and the Indian subcontinent.

6. Ballerinas (Impatiens bequaertii)

These flowers are commonly found in the rain forests of East Africa. They are very small, measuring approximately 1.5 cm long

7. Bumblebee Orchid (Ophrys bombyliflora)

The bumblebee orchid is part of the ophrys genus and measures 10 to 20 cm. Its epithet, bombyliflora, comes from the Greek word bombylios, meaning bumblebee. This plant is native to the Mediterranean region.

8. Wrapped Babies (Anguloa uniflora)

The flowers of this orchid resemble babies sleeping in a crib. It is commonly found in parts of South America.

9. Flor de loro (Impatients psittacina)

Como su nombre lo indica, esta flor se parece a un loro volando. Esta planta se encuentra comúnmente en el sudeste de Asia.

10. Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major)

This bright purple flower attracts pollinators and is native to Australia.

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