15 Amazing Flowering Spring Trees For Your Landscape

The early spring flowering trees are the first hint of the upcoming season, thanks to their vivid colors and lovely fragrance.

Whether you prefer tall or smaller spring trees, each one has the ability to beautifully veil your garden or yard.

If you want to keep this magic in your yard forever, consider planting trees that bloom in spring as well as the rest of the seasons. Some of them are:

  • Venus Dogwood – see varieties
  • ‘Oklahoma’ Redbud – see varieties
  • Higan Cherry – see varieties
  • American Fringe Tree
  • ‘Evereste‘ Crabapple – see varieties
  • Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) – see varieties
  • I know that you have some questions that need to be answered as quickly as possible. Here are some of them:

    What are the first trees to bloom in spring?

    Wild plum, Eastern redbud and Dogwood flower to name a few. They will surprise you with early blooming in the spring.

    And what’s best is that you can use some full blossom branches to create stunning spring centerpiece ideas.

    Going back to the spring trees, in the following article, we have prepared a collection of 15 amazing spring blooming trees to try in your backyard this year. Let’s have a detailed look

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