18 Beachy DIY Coastal Décor Ideas You’re Going To Love

Living on the beach certainly has its perks. Well, I don’t need anyone to tell me that, it’s quite obvious. But how do you make your home feel like a beach home when there are no windows to see the beach from? The answer is DIY coastal décor that you can make using stuff you probably have lying around.

What is coastal décor? It’s a type of décor that resembles traditional cottages that can be found near beaches. Usually, that means stuff made out of driftwood, shades of navy blue color, rope crafts and of course sea shells and beachy messages.

Today’s compilation of DIY projects is going to show you 18 Beachy DIY Coastal Décor Ideas You’re Going To Love. The best part about these crafts is that you really don’t need to spend much money to complete any of them. All you have to do is pick one or two and then follow the instructions until you complete them. It’s that simple. Enjoy!

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