25 Lovely DIY Hanging Planters

Here is another DIY project for this spring, hanging planters for your garden or your home. They are so easy to make and also very cheap. To do the hanging planter you need some materials that you have at home or you don’t use it anymore. For example plastic fish bowls that you can plant flowers in. Cans are also great for hanging planters.

You can paint them and they will look adorable in your garden. While we are at the garden, you can create an amazing lighting ambient by combining these DIY hanging planters with small lights.

Some of you might have an issue getting electricity to these lights but if you have no outlet access in or near your garden you can go with solar lights or use the best portable quiet generator to bring just enough electricity for all your garden needs.

Also hanging planter made out of wooden box or old tire with flowers in it will make your garden more beautiful than ever. Here are 25 lovely ideas that can help you to start with the hanging planter project. Have fun…

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