27 Wheelbarrow Flower Planter Ideas for Your Yard

Usually wheelbarrows carry dirt and flowers to be dropped off.

But there’s a new garden trend of using wheel barrows as permanent flower planters and gardens.

It’s kind of a cool idea. The wheelbarrow fits in nicely as a garden sculpture.

While I wouldn’t use a new wheelbarrow for this, it’s a great way to get more use out of an older wheelbarrow.

Types of wheelbarrows you can use:

  • Decorative wood wheelbarrow
  • Old metal wheelbarrow
  • Brand, spanking new wheelbarrow
  • In our gallery below you’ll see all types.

Other than garden benches, using a wheelbarrow is my favorite decorative garden object because when fully planted it looks so natural within the garden yet, is highly functional and offers a dynamic element to the garden.

Also, a wheelbarrow can serve as a stand-alone mini garden on patios, decks or in the yard.

If you like the rustic landscaping look, a wheelbarrow is one way to achieve that.

Enjoy our gallery.

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