Amazing DIY arches design – 23 ways to highlight your garden

The popular name of May is Florar. It is the moon in which the earth is preparing to give us the best harvests. It is the month when flowers begin to show their pure beauty. It is the most colorful month.

For this reason and because it is the time of the flowers, we did not want to miss the opportunity to present ideas for spectacular landscaping in the garden. Arrangements that have elements of arches decoration.

Trellis – espalier: Rose arches and other Flower supports are visual highlights in the garden

Why consult a lot of outdoor design specialists when we have them in the garden. And if you do not know who they are, we’ll tell you. Well, spring flowers are the most experienced designers. But we should not just rely on them. Ideal would be to highlight them. How? Simple. With arches. Arches that can be built from a lot of materials.

Design elements, such as arches, bring that plus of aesthetic in the garden. This on the one hand. On the other hand, what would these buildings look like if they were not surrounded by flowers? Monoton we say.

That’s why, to get the most beautiful decoration, it should be embellished with climbing flowers. Like, for example, climbing roses. And I did not choose them by chance. I chose them because they are spectacular plants in appearance and because they think the owners of the garden. That’s right.

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