Small Garden Ideas with A Beautiful Spilled Pot

The garden is part of the freshness around the house, which is usually equipped with grass and plants that create stunning landscaping. One of the interesting things is to add a spilled pot to your small garden. For some ideas that you can get, see the following article about Small Garden Ideas with A Beautiful Spilled Pot.

Small garden with various color

This small garden does not use much greenery and prefers to use stones that are arranged neatly and amazingly. Several pots are arranged in a small garden filled with flowers of various colors.

Rock around the beautiful flower

As an element that beautifies the garden, the additional spilled pot in this garden is combined with white stones that surround the flowering plants. This further makes the spilled pot area radiate perfect beauty.

Small garden in the corner of yard

This small garden is in the corner of the yard using an attractive design. Different from the previous pots that seemed to spill flowering plants, this small garden seemed to spill a pot filled with white stones. For the addition of several other plants, planted in pots to make it easier to arrange.

Refreshing green plant

It doesn’t have to be with flowering plants, if you like a green look, you can add lush plants to spilled pots in the garden. Try to choose plants that are not large but can grow lushly to make the garden more beautiful.

Beautiful flowers in small garden

The small pot owned by this park seemed to spill black stones, which became an interesting element among the nude colored rocks. The surrounding flowering plants, also interesting part to complement the components of a beautiful small garden.

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